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Sarahlin Smith, LMSW, LCSW, RPT
Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Troy, Michigan

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Sarahlin obtained her Masters of Social Work from University of Central Florida in 2012, and has been working in a clinical setting with children, families and adults since 2011. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology from Spring Arbor University and has recently been credentialed as a Registered Play Therapist through the Association for Play Therapy. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and the Association for Play Therapy. She has completed Basic Training in EMDR.

Sarahlin has worked with children, adolescents and adults in a variety of settings, including:
individuals ages 2 and up in private practice, child welfare system, inpatient setting for children, court system with adults with pervasive mental illness and criminal behavior, children in the foster care and adoptive systems. Sarahlin’s variety of experience contributes to her clinical work by providing a large scope perspective on human development and growth. Much of her early clinical experience impressed upon her the importance of human connectivity, attentiveness to neurological development, the power of adults in the lives of children, and the resilience of the human spirit to overcome hardship.

Sarahlin seeks to work with adults, children and adolescents in a way that brings together their past experience, current life, and hopes for the future. She provides a setting that is comfortable, nurturing and offers space for exploration and growth in her clients.


Services provided

Therapy for Children:

Children often end up in therapy due to trouble functioning in school and/or home. They may appear anxious, withdrawn, difficult to connect with, angry, out of control, or irritable. Parents often become concerned when these issues feel unmanageable, when yelling becomes the household norm, when they as parents feel out of control, when their child’s sleep is suffering, or when their children are struggling in school. Sarahlin’s work with children (ages 2-11) often includes use of play therapy techniques and parent coaching/family therapy. Play is the natural medium of communication for children and play therapy provides them the tools and resources needed to effectively process their world. Through play therapy, children are able to explore their experiences, sort through feelings and find new and healthier ways to interact with their world. Parent work is often included to ensure that parents have the tools and resources they need to either expand on techniques that are working at home, or add additional resources to their parenting toolbox. Many older children also benefit from talk-based techniques, and these are utilized as it seems fit for all children.

Therapy for Adolescents:

Sarahlin’s work with adolescents (12+) requires a foundation of trust between the client and therapist. This is the first goal of therapy, and serves as a launching point for the future work. Adolescents can expect to be the “driver” in the therapeutic process, and expect Sarahlin to seek to understand their perspective and provide navigational support on their journey. Sarahlin can assist adolescents in exploring their relational patterns, understanding identity, improving self esteem, altering patterns of thought and behavior, gaining a better understanding of and handle on their feelings, and finding a greater sense of self in this challenging life stage. Family work can occur later in the therapeutic process to resolve issues with communication, difficult feelings, family roles and expectations and increasing family functioning. Parents can engage in parent coaching throughout the therapeutic process after a foundation of trust is established between the therapist and client.

Therapy for Adults:

There’s a pretty good chance that any adult looking at this page has been considering therapy for quite a while. Often, people make the decision to contact a therapist when something tips the scales for them. If that is where you are, welcome. Sarahlin understands the struggle that often comes before deciding to reach out to a therapist, and the bravery it requires. You can expect to find a welcoming office, genuine curiosity about your life so far, commitment to helping you identify what got you this far (you survived somehow) and motivation to help you achieve your goals in your own time.


Sarahlin provides consultation services to businesses and individuals. Businesses may be seeking information on how to improve the mental health of their employees or customers. Individuals may be seeking content related to clinical consultation or improvement of business practices and private practice development. Previous clients include wellness/fitness centers and clinicians beginning a private practice.


Sarahlin is available for educational seminars within your business or community. Please contact her to discuss your interests and needs.



Billing Fees and insurance

Paneled with Blue Cross Blue Shield
$140 standard office fee